“Bali Baru” Needs Investment 280 Trillion Development of Tourist Destinations

“Bali Baru” Needs Investment 280 Trillion Development of Tourist Destinations

The government, through the Ministry of Tourism, is trying to find tourism investors who want to invest 280 Trillion to develop tourism destinations in 10 New Bali.

10 New Bali that has been proclaimed by the government does require a lot of investment funds.

According to Tourism Minister Arief Yahya for the development until 2024, 10 New Bali needs an investment of up to 500 trillion. This figure is used to develop tourism supporting infrastructure and various tourism destination facilities. Besides that, the rest is for development in 88 other national tourism strategic areas (KSPN).

For investment schemes with a nominal value of 500 trillion, the investment scheme has been designed and will be detailed with details of the 500 trillion fund requirement fulfilled by government investment worth 170 trillion and private 35 trillion. Private financing was obtained from banks worth 230 trillion, nonbank 10 trillion and capital markets 45 trillion.

10 New Bali is the mainstay of the government as a policy that is considered to bring foreign tourists to Indonesia. The number of 17,000 foreign tourists is the target imposed by the government on the Ministry of Tourism in 2018.

Now 10 New Bali is Lake Toba, Borobudur Temple Area, Special Economic Zone (KEK) Mandalika, Labuan Bajo, Belitung, Tanjung Lesung, Thousand Islands, Mount Bromo, Wakatobi National Park, and Morotai.

Every New Bali does have different tourism potential characteristics. And this is what is often the main obstacle is that not many investors really concentrate on tourism investment in certain sectors.

Investors will see how the potential of the region will then adjust how their investments will produce results in the future.

This is what is carried out and is the responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism to provide investment information and certainty for tourism investors who will invest their capital in 10 New Bali in Indonesia.