Indonesian Tourism Investment Try Offered in Saudi Arabia

Indonesian Tourism Investment Try Offered in Saudi Arabia

At the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Conference conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 23-25, 2018, the Indonesian government, which was represented by the head of the Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM) Thomas Lembong, offered tourism investment to the participants.

Thomas Lembong did get a special direction from President Joko Widodo to promote tourism investment potential because that is the biggest potential that Indonesia has and is well known in the tourism sector.

The tourism sector in Indonesia does have a great opportunity to talk a lot before other countries about investment. In Saudi Arabia and the majority of Islamic-based Middle Eastern countries, the relation with tourism is quite selective, many things are taken into consideration such as a positive lifestyle, no alcohol and this potential Indonesia already has experience in the tourism sector.

“A positive lifestyle experience, not getting drunk and beating, but a cheerful, humorous, and positive tourist experience. I am sure that the Indonesian-style tourism flavor will be very well sold in Middle Eastern Muslim communities,” said Thomas Lembong quoted from

Tourism investment in Indonesia does get its own eyes for other countries especially entrepreneurs who are concentrated in the tourism industry sector. Potential tourist destinations and large foreign and local tourist visits can be used for the tourism industry.

In addition to promoting tourism investment in Indonesia at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Conference, the Indonesian government also tried to establish cooperation so that later Indonesian entrepreneurs could invest in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

This opportunity is expected to be one of the gateways for entrepreneurs in Indonesia to enter the investment market in the Middle East region.

Previously, many Indonesian businessmen had entered and invested in the Middle East region, but the comparison scale was still far and could be said to be still small. That is why the government in this opportunity makes the best use of it in addition to offering investment and also paves the way for Indonesian entrepreneurs to invest in Middle Eastern countries.