KEK Get Special Attention by the KEMENDAG

KEK Get Special Attention by the KEMENDAG

Kementerian Perdagangan Indonesia (Kemendag) appeal all parties involved in a trade in Indonesia including the Trade Attaché and the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) to be able to promote and accommodate buyers and investors to participate in developing Special Economic Zones (KEK).

Oke Nurwan as the Director Kemendag of Foreign Trade stated that attaches and ITPC can be very helpful because by promoting, strengthening trade and synergizing increased promotion and strengthening investment in 12 KEK will have a tremendous impact on the development of KEK.

Special Economic Zones in Indonesia have indeed become one of the government’s beliefs that through the formation of this KEK can boost development in potential areas which so far have not been effective in their development.

KEK itself has been designed in such a way as pro-investment, in KEK all facilities and conveniences regarding fiscal and non-fiscal needs are the main ones because that is what is needed by investors who will invest their capital.

the development of KEK itself has achieved achievements because it managed to boost Indonesia’s ranking as a destination country for investment. According to US News & World Report, Indonesia currently ranks second in the top five best country locations for investors.

According to a survey by US News & World Report Indonesia is ranked second behind the Philippines which ranks first in the best country to invest. Next are Poland, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In accordance with Law Number 39 of 2009 concerning the implementation of KEK and point three of Nawacita, the nine priority agenda of the Jokowi Government, KEK was developed to accelerate economic growth and build a balance of development between regions.

KEK has its own characteristics and specialties in special zones such as industrial zones, export management, tourism, logistics, energy, technology, and other economic development. Therefore, in some KEK, they are enthusiastic to see so many foreign investors who really want to invest. One of the KEK who is the prima donna of 12 KEK launched by the government is the Mandalika KEK.