Indonesia YES 2018 Develops the Potential of Young Entrepreneurs

Indonesia YES 2018 Develops the Potential of Young Entrepreneurs

The 2018 Young Entrepreneur Summit, which just finished its title on October 28, 2018, leaves big hopes for young entrepreneurs in Indonesia. IYES 2018 is expected to be able to create talented and independent young entrepreneurs who are able to enter into successful entrepreneurs later.

KAHMIipreneur, the entrepreneurial movement of the Islamic Student Association Alumni Corps (KAHMI) which was founded by Kamrussad and as the organizing committee of YES 2018 said that this event was a millennial forum that was indeed concentrated on the development of young entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

“The 2018 Indonesia Young Entrepreneur Summit Program (IYES) is a forum for creative millennials to meet with successful young entrepreneurs from various business sectors, middle and upper level and national. As well as being a means to share networking, access to technology, financing, and marketing, “explained Kamrussamad in a press release in Jakarta, Friday (10/26/2018) taken from

In the YES 2018 event that was just held a few days ago, several speakers from among Indonesian young entrepreneurs who have successfully run their businesses such as Diajeng Lestari CEO HIJUP, Angkie Yudistia CEO Thisable Enterprise, Gamal Albinsaid Indonesia Medical CEO, Hendra Noviyanto co-founder Warunk Upnormal and Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid co-founder & President of

Kamrussamad hopes that this IYES 2018 event can help create more successful, resilient and independent young entrepreneurs. “So they can reduce the unemployment rate, improve the welfare and prosperity of the community and utilize the economic potential that exists in Indonesia and can compete with foreign companies and become a locomotive entrepreneur of national economic growth

Young entrepreneurs must be sensitive and begin to be active in the introduction of businesses and networks of businesses that are carried out nationally or internationally. If the development of a business network goes well then it can be ascertained that the business to be undertaken will grow rapidly and be able to capture desired business targets.