Digital Business Becomes PT NFC Indonesia’s Profit Support

Digital Business Becomes PT NFC Indonesia’s Profit Support

PT NFC Indonesia again scored new profits, according to the financial report as of October 2018 showing a positive value. Net profit figures printed by PT NFC Indonesia grew by 18,009.1% YoY to Rp. 14.4 billion (9M18) from Rp. 79.3 million (9M17) in line with the surge in revenue, jumping from Rp. 44.0 billion (9M17) to Rp. 706.6 billion (9M18).

Meanwhile, gross and operational margins rose from 0.8% and 0.2% (9M17) to 1.8% and 1.0% (9M18) respectively. On a quarterly basis, 3Q18 revenue of Rp.441.4 billion has taken 62.5% in 9M18 revenue, while operating profit and 3Q18 net profit of Rp.4.2 billion and Rp11.9 billion have represented operating profit and 9M18 net profit of respectively 59.6% and 82.4%.

For the value of profit and revenue from PT NFC consists of three digital platinum sectors, namely OONA which is a mobile tv streaming platform under PT Oona Media Indonesia (OMII). Currently, OONA TV has more than 1.4 million users this October.

Recently OONA TV has collaborated with Indonesia’s top artist Syahrini. Syahrini Management along with OONA TV opened a special channel exclusively for fans and fans of Syahrini.

At the end of this year, OONA targets to bring more content through 300 channels to attract users, from the current +170 channels (as of October 22, 2018).

Then the second advantage of PT NFC Indonesia is through the phone exchange business network. Until now customers have reached 1800 customers as of October 2018. For the sales sector, 9M18 phone exchange reached Rp706.6 billion, an increase of 16 times compared to Rp.44.1 billion achieved in 9M17. On a quarterly basis, sales of 3Q18 amounting to Rp. 441.4 billion covered 62.5% of 9M18 sales and even exceeded the achievement of (Rp. 265.2 billion) in 1H18 of 63.13%. Segment profitability also continues to improve. The gross margin ratio increased from 0.8% in 9M17 and 1.9% in 1H18 to 2.9% in 3Q18 and 1.4% in 9M18.

The third growth also comes from the digital cloud advertising business. At the end of July 2018, NFCX invested in PT Digital Marketing Solution (DMS), a cloud-based digital advertising technology company. In 9M18, the DMS manages 3,763 advertising points and records gross income and profit of Rp 32.0 billion and Rp 3.2 billion for the period August 2018 to September 2018.

If you look at the sector that is indeed a supporter of revenue from PT NFC Indonesia, all lines are based on digital platforms. This has become a benchmark that the development of the digital world in Indonesia has begun to increase in some of the current digital industry sectors.