Regional Property Businesses Become Target Market The Palapa Group

Regional Property Businesses Become Target Market The Palapa Group

Founded by four friends of Satrio Rama Widyowicaksono, Ryan Gulfa Wijaya, Pandu Satrio Nugroho, and Richard Max The Palapa Group increasingly exists in the property business in Indonesia.

Having the same vision and mission, which is to actively participate and advance the Indonesian economy, especially in the area, makes it so solid The Palapa Group is under the auspices of PT Palapa Dhanapati Putera.

Established in 2015 and has been running for almost 3 years various achievements have been achieved by The Palapa Group which is combining property business in the area. At present there are several property projects that have been cultivated in the area, 2 TPG projects are in Java and Sumatra.

Starting a property business with confidence and ripe calculations made The Palapa Group able to speak many of the property companies in Indonesia. The initial project developed by The Palapa Group is a property project located in West Java, precisely in Jatinangor.

Panorama Residence Jatinangor (PRJ). The project that was worked on in 2015 and began operating in 2016 cost an investment of Rp 3 billion and was built with investors. Look at some important aspects such as the pace of regional development in the next few years and areas that have high commercial value.

The TPG pilot project was claimed to be the first boarding house with the concept of premium student residential in Jatinangor. These boarding houses consist of 47 rooms with complete facilities, ranging from Wi-Fi, laundry, shuttle, parking lots, places of worship, to the rooftop for residents to relax and chat. TPG marketing is done through social media. According to Rama, PRJ has already reached 95% of entries with an average contract period of one year.

After success at Jatinangor, The Palapa Group expanded its property business in the Coastal Regency of Batam, Lampung, Sumatra. Seeing the tourism potential in the KRUI TPG area then making property products under the name Cabana Surf and Stay.

Swallowing investment reached Rp 6 billion by building exclusive cottage facilities and two-level mattress huts equipped with restaurant facilities, airport shuttle, laundry, surfboard rentals, and vehicles, as well as surfing lessons.

To popularize Cabana Surf and Stay, TPG sought to raise Krui’s name among domestic and foreign tourists, especially world-class surfers, through public relations, social media, and marketing strategies. A number of international surfing league activities have also been held in Krui.

The Palapa Group’s property business, managed by four friends, is one form of the active role of the millennial generation to become part of young Indonesian entrepreneurs who are highly dedicated and able to compete in the future.