Indonesian Successful Entrepreneur Gita Wirjawan Founder of Ancora Capita (Tempo)

Indonesian Successful Entrepreneur Gita Wirjawan Founder of Ancora Capita (Tempo)

Gita Wirjawan has indeed become one of the successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia. The man who was born on September 21, 1965 in 2006 resigned as President Director (President Director) of JP Morgan Indonesia. In 2008 Gita later established its own company under the name Ancora Capital (Tempo) which is engaged in investment in resources and mining.

Thanks to Gita Wirjawan’s expertise in the financial sector, a few months after the establishment of the Ancor Capital (Tempo) company, Gita Wirjawan managed to take stock of several large companies in Indonesia such as PT Bumi Resources, Apexindo Pratama Duta Company, Multi Nitrat Kimia Company, a property company in Bali, and also several property companies in Jakarta.

Success in business does not make him forget his hobby of listening to Jazz music abandoned. Even his business instincts were still present when Gita founded a music production house under the name Omega Pacific Production.

The success of his music production house was marked by the production of jazz albums for a Nial Djuliarso pianist, Bali Loungue who was vocalized by Tompi, and Cherokee Jazz. Even more amazing, there are some songs written and arranged with his own hands.

Gita Wirjawan’s career does not seem to stop in the field of business and music. This is because on November 11, 2009, he officially joined the United Indonesia Cabinet appointed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

Gita Wirjawan obtained a position as BKPM or Investment Coordinating Board as its chairman. With this position, he was tasked with automatically fixing all problems related to investment in Indonesia, then in 2011 he was later appointed as Minister of Trade in the United Indonesia Cabinet II replacing the previous minister, then on 31 January 2014 Gita Wirjawan decided to resign as minister of trade.