Weihan Liew, Figure Behind Succes Website JalanTikus.com

Weihan Liew, Figure Behind Succes Website JalanTikus.com

For those of you who usually use software software, you might be familiar with the JalanTikus.com website. The JalanTikus.com website offers various software that can be downloaded for free and complete.

Already know the website, do you also know who the website founder is JalanTikus.com? the founder of JalanTikus.com is a man named Weihan Liew.

Weihan Liew is a graduate of Monash University Australia and The University of Chicago, seeing a flashy educational background made Weihan Liew work in the world technology company Microsoft.

The experience of wandering in the land of people was made a valuable capital for Weihan to develop business in Indonesia. And after some time of preparation and development, he finally founded all his own digital companies engaged in the entertainment world, precisely online games.

Labeled game publisher MainGames, in 2011 Weihan developed several online game titles.

In 2012, Weihan Liew’s idea to set up a software download and application site was finally realized. The unique name chosen is JalanTikus.com. In that name, hope is that the site will become an alternative way for software seekers, both computers and mobile devices, who want a “safe” path to get the target software.

In general, JalanTikus divides the download items into 2, namely general software and game applications. The two are then subdivided, which can be used on the Windows operating system and also for Android. As mentioned earlier, the advantages of the JalanTikus site are the assurance that all software and applications that are displayed are safe from viruses and legal or do not violate their licenses. Some of the software listed on JalanTikus have freeware licenses, Open source and some are premium or paid.

In addition to the download items, JalanTikus also presents several features namely complete application reviews, tips, video content, question and answer forums and the latest is a review of gadgets. Everything is packaged in a simple, modern and informative site typography.