5 of the Biggest Investment Countries in Indonesia

5 of the Biggest Investment Countries in Indonesia

In the elaboration of the Investment Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) in Indonesia for the period of January-September 2018, it touched Rp.535.4 trillion. The biggest record of foreign investment is still dominated by Singapore.

Whereas for the realization of investment and foreign investment 9 months per year starting from January-September 2018, this was reported from the BKPM report reaching Rp. 293.7 trillion.

For the realization of FDI investment from the beginning of the year, the largest came from Singapore which reached US $ 6.7 billion, equivalent to 30.6%. Singapore investment in RI at 4,381 projects. The realization of Singapore investment in Indonesia rose from the previous period in 2017 which was the only US $ 6.1 billion.

In the second place, there was Japan 17.4% of US $ 3.8 billion. Japanese investors invested in 2,731 projects.

Then 8.2% of China amounted to US $ 1.8 billion from 1,265 projects. Then the fourth was Hong Kong 7.3% of US $ 1.6 billion of 1,000 projects, and South Korea of 6.4% of US $ 1.4 billion with 2,160 projects.

While in the 6th to 10th position there are 1,132 projects worth US $ 1.18 billion, the United States 512 projects worth US $ 1 billion, the British Virgin Island 749 projects worth US $ 786 million, the Netherlands 724 projects worth US $ 776 million and Australia 532 projects worth US $ 344 million.

The decline in foreign investment that looks so significant is seen in China. In the same period in 2017, the realization of Chinese investment in Indonesia touched US $ 2.7 billion. Whereas for the 2018 period the realization of Chinese investment in Indonesia was the only US $ 1.8 billion.

This reduction is indeed caused because there are several projects that are indeed managed by China which are still experiencing obstacles in realization. This greatly affects the investment felt by Indonesia because indeed China has a large value of investment in Indonesia.