Success Story Arief Wangsadita Owner of a Sundanese Restaurant “Bumbu Desa”

Success Story Arief Wangsadita Owner of a Sundanese Restaurant “Bumbu Desa”

Bumbu Desa, maybe already familiar to culinary connoisseurs in Indonesia. Presenting a menu typical of Sundanese Bumbu Desa is one of the Sundanese restaurants in Indonesia that is successful and even able to go International.

The success of Bumbu Desa is inseparable from the owner, Arief Wangsadita. Taking the theme and concept of a typical rural-style restaurant is indeed very thick seen from the style of Bumbu Desa restaurant both starting from the style of the building and of course, the food menu served.

The development of the Bumbu Desa restaurant itself is fairly fast, Bumbu Desa has more than 50 branches spread throughout the region in Indonesia. The Bumbu Desa restaurant also boasts international markets by opening branches in Malaysia and Singapore.

At present the monthly turnover that can be pocketed by Arief Wangsadita from the culinary business of Bumbu Desa restaurant reaches billions of rupiah.

The thing that Arief Wangsadita is trying to continue to develop to expand his culinary business network is to open several branches abroad such as the Americas, Canada, Australia, Paris, and New York.

Arief Wangsadita has its own principles in developing the Bumbu Desa culinary business to continue to grow and provide satisfaction to their customers. And what is equally important is that one of the successes of Bumbu Desa cannot be separated from one of the other people behind it, Santoni.

According to Arief Wangsadita, the Bumbu Desa was established from the beginning, it was intended to give appreciation to cook experts from the village. According to him, cooking experts from the village led by housewives and helpers were very much contributing to the culinary treasures in Indonesia. So for chef’s affairs, Bumbu Desa relies on deft hands of housewives and helpers to mix spices.