Bachtiar Karim Owner of Musim Mas Group

Bachtiar Karim Owner of Musim Mas Group

He entered the Forbes ranking of the five richest people in Indonesia in 2016. Bachtiar Karim had a wealth of more than $ 3.3 billion through various business networks that were established and one of them had the biggest contribution was the Musim Mas Group’s palm oil or CPO business line.

This not-so-well-known man among businessmen along with his two brothers Burhan and Bahari run a company called PT Musim Mas. The company entered into the largest palm oil industry in Indonesia and even entered into one of the largest oleo companies in the world.

The company founded by his father, Anwar Karim in 1972 was originally only a soap and margarine company that had been named Nam Cheong Soap Factory. But it was later changed by Bachtiar Karim to become Musim Mas and not only engaged in soap processing but also expanded its business to become a large palm oil refinery company. And in 1988 Bachtiar succeeded in owning an oil palm plantation.

Not only that, the men who graduated from Engineering also contributed to building the company’s technicality and increasing the company’s production, which was only 120 tons per month to 400 tons per month. Now the company has signed a cooperation agreement with Malaysian palm oil company Genting Plantation in 2015 to build a palm oil refinery on Kalimantan Island.

The company run by Bachtiar uses a variety of innovations, one of which is by using lower energy when people want to reduce the risk of leakage. And now 90% of the company’s production is for exports while three products are known in Indonesia such as Medicare, Lark and Harmony bar soap. In addition, Bachtiar Karim also supplies crude palm oil in his company.