Inspiring Stories NET TV Founder Wishnutama Indonesia’s Best CEO in 2010

Inspiring Stories NET TV Founder Wishnutama Indonesia’s Best CEO in 2010

Popularity of NET. TV in Indonesia has indeed been skyrocketing in recent years. NET success. TV being a popular television channel and targeting the millennial generation in Indonesia cannot escape the hands of the CEO and Founder of NET. TV Wishnutama.

Spending education abroad, Wishnutama returned to Indonesia with knowledge gained from education abroad.

The husband’s career journey from Gista Putri began in 1994 when she had just returned to Indonesia and worked for Indosiar.

After a career at Indosiar for the past 8 years as Production Manager, in 2001 Wishnutama decided to leave Indosiar and anchored on one of the television channels which in the early 2000s began to exist, namely Trans Tv owned by successful businessman Chairul Tanjung.

On Trans TV, Wishnutama’s career was brilliant, serving as Deputy Managing Director of Trans Tv in 2006. In the same year, Wishnutama was appointed as Managing Director or CEO of Tv7 which later changed to Trans7 or Trans Tv.

Wishnutama was even awarded the Best CEO in Indonesia in 2010 by SWA magazine, TV Pay and Media and Indonesia Marketing Champion 2015 for the Broadcast. He also brought Trans TV to win several prestigious awards from the Asian Television Award and Panasonic Awards.

He held the position of President Director on Trans Tv until 2012. He also served as director of from 2011 to 2012. Wishnutama was also appointed as commissioner of PT. Television Children Spacetoon from 2012 to 2014.

Wishnutama named the managing director of Trans Tv until 2012. A year later in 2013, Wishnutama founded PT Net Mediatama Televisi or NET. TV.

It is known that NET stands for News and Entertainment Television. Reporting from, NET.TV owned by Wishnutama uses the frequency channel belonging to Space Toon.

Popularity of NET. TV as one of the newcomer television channels in Indonesia continues to skyrocket. One of the keys to NET’s success. TV is presenting different television programs, interesting and educational for Indonesian people to see.

During his tenure as CEO of NET.TV, Wishnutama received many prestigious awards. For example, Marketeer of the Year 2015 in the field of Broadcast, TV, and Media, The 500 Most Influential CEOs in The World in 2015 by