Eddy William Katuari People Behind the Success of the Wings Group

Eddy William Katuari People Behind the Success of the Wings Group

Eddy William Katuari is the figure behind the success of the Wings Group company, which until now has become one of the hygiene goods manufacturers in Indonesia.

The Wings company was first founded by Johannes Ferdinand Katuari and Harjo Sutanto and started from a home industry. Now, Wings has become a very influential company in Indonesia and not only soap is offered by this company, but also food ingredients, cleaning tools, drinks, and many others.

Eddy William Katuari is the son of the founder of the Wings company, Johannes Ferdinand Katuari, who is now dusk. Eddy in managing his business was also assisted by a child from Harjo Sutanto who was also the founder of Wings Group.

Eddy William Katuari in building the company he inherited produced good results. Wings Group has succeeded in becoming a consumer company in Indonesia that almost rivals multinational companies, namely PT Unilever Indonesia. This is a very proud achievement for Wings and Eddy William Katuari and his other brothers.

The products produced by the Wings company have been exported to countries in Africa. The products they rely on most are soap products such as So Klin, Daia, Giv, and Nuvo which can be found in African and Southeast Asian countries.

This Wings company may have never experienced a very drastic setback. Most companies in Indonesia experienced a decline in 1997 to 1998 due to the economic crisis. The cause of the setback or even the bankruptcy of the company is due to debt. But the Wings company has no debt so it can survive in the event of an economic crisis.

Eddy William’s success in building the Wings company made him a part of a row of rich people in Indonesia. In 2008, Globe Asia predicted Eddy William Katuari’s wealth to reach US $ 1.21 billion and was ranked as the 8th richest person in Indonesia. In 2010, Forbes magazine announced a list of the richest people in Indonesia and Eddy William Katuari’s position was in 12th position. In 2011, his position dropped to 21st position by Forbes magazine.