Success Story Leonika Sari Njoto Boediutomo Inspires Indonesian Women

Success Story Leonika Sari Njoto Boediutomo Inspires Indonesian Women

Leonika Sari Njoto Boediutomo is a proud woman for Indonesia. at the age of 22, he was already CEO of Reblood. Armed with this achievement, the girl who is familiarly called Leo managed to push into the ranks of the 2016 Forbes magazine’s “Top 30 Asia” 2016.

Reblood is a startup that can be the solution to solving the problems above, while also providing benefits and assistance that can be felt by many people. Reblood has a goal, with the presence of Reblood, it is expected that there will be no more deaths caused by lack of blood supply. Surely Reblood which was founded by the girl born on August 18, 1993 has its own challenges and makes it an influential woman in Indonesia.

One of them is the lack of awareness of every person to donate blood regularly. Even though according to the health fact that donating blood routinely can reduce the risk of various dangerous diseases and certainly will make the body healthier.

A unique fact that is obtained by those who are in the productive age of 17-40 years, on average do not have time to come to the center of blood donation. This is nothing but because of the busy work that is being done.

Seeing this fact, Reblood actively promotes blood donation events. So that everyone can donate their blood wherever and whenever. Like in malls, universities, offices or even other public places, both on weekdays or holidays. In addition, Reblood also wants to reduce the number of potential donors who are rejected because they are not in good health. For example, lack of fit, lack of sleep, anemia or low Hb.