James Jebbia Founder of Brand Supreme, Fantastic Value

James Jebbia Founder of Brand Supreme, Fantastic Value

James Jebbia, the founder of the Supreme brand, is fantastic. Brand Supreme indeed who doesn’t know. This streetwear fashion brand is one of the American fashion brands that has a high selling value because of its exclusive limited production value.

It started in 1989 when James Jebbia opened a backpack shop with his girlfriend in the Broadway area and West 4th Street.

In 1989, James Jebbia opened a shop called Union in the Spring Street area, Lower Manhattan. Here, James Jebbia began to find his passion and began to be happy about his job.

James Jebbia tried to get the right to sell certain brands in his Union shop. On one occasion, he met with Shaun Stussy, the man who founded the brand Eponymous. James Jebbia along with Shaun Stussy began a strong cooperative relationship. He also began to learn from Shaun how to market a brand.

One time Shawn Stussy sold most of his brand ownership. This made James Jebbia then set up his own brand with the name Supreme which at that time targeted skateboard fans in the United States.

For the workers themselves, most of them are skateboarders, this is because the Supreme brand was originally aimed at targeting streetwear fashion skateboarders even James wanted his brand to be one of their skateboards in the United States.

Supreme is quickly becoming one of the leading underground streetwear brands in the United States. The success strategy of the brand Supreme is Supreme Uniqueness in producing its products produced in limited edition and quantity.

In a business strategy, when a particular product from one of the largest companies in the world experiences high demand, the company responds by making more of these products. With so many more requests which means more sales, and more profits.

But that does not apply to Supreme. Supreme philosophy is very simple, never making it again. Supreme attaches great importance to exclusivity. For James Jebbia and Supreme a product value will increase if produced in limited quantities.

Currently in almost all countries in the world, Supreme brand is selling well every time it launches a new product. Even Supreme fans are willing to spend big money just to have Supreme fashion.