John Bogle Success To Investment

John Bogle Success To Investment

John Bugle is one of the successful people in the United States. His total wealth was allegedly reachingUS $ 80 million or Rp. 1.1 trillion.

After graduating from Princetonin 1951, Bogle narrowed his career choices to banking and investment. Hemanaged to get a position at the Wellington Fund where he showed great talent that made the fund manager, Walter L. Morgan said that. Bogle was promoted tothe position of assistant manager in 1955 where he gained broader access to analyze the company and the investment department.

Bogle, which is fairly hard, thenloudly challenged Wellington’s management to change its strategy of concentrating on one fund, and did its best to make its goal in creating new investments. Finally he succeeded, and the investment came in then became a turning point in his career.

After advancing in rank, in 1970 he replaced Morgan as chairman of Wellington, but was later dismissed for a “very unwise” merger which he agreed to. It was a bad decision that he considered his biggest mistake, stating, “The great thing about that mistake, which is shameful and unforgivable and is a reflection of immaturity and belief beyond justified facts, is that I learned a lot.”

In 1974, Bogle founded theVanguard Company which is now one of the most respected and successful companies in the investment world. In 1999, Fortune magazine called Bogle”one of the four investment giants in the 20th century”.

John Bogle’s success has inspiredmany people in the United States to believe in the dreams and dreams that have been believed. The most important thing is to work hard and be able to see opportunities to produce success.