Peggy Hartanto Young Indonesian Designers Succeed Under the Age of 30

Peggy Hartanto Young Indonesian Designers Succeed Under the Age of 30

Peggy Hartanto is an Indonesian fashion designer who was included in the Forbes magazine list as one of the successful young entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

Born in Surabaya on April 19, 1988, Peggy Hartanto’s talent has indeed been seen since high school. Peggy’s dream since childhood was indeed a successful fashion designer when she grew up.

In fact, the dream since childhood Peggy is not just a dream but a fruitful reality. Enter in Forbes 30 Under Asia 2016, making Peggy deserve great appreciation thanks to his talent and enthusiasm as a fashion designer.

Fashion lovers must be familiar with Peggy Hartanto’s figure, Peggy Hartanto Collection is the chosen brand to channel their fashion ideas.

Graduates of the Fashion Design School in Sydney Australia becoming a fashion entrepreneur is indeed not playing games. His work has been marketed not only domestically, but also abroad. Collections with the Peggy Hartanto Collection brand have been marketed to several countries such as Singapore, Japan, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the European region.

Peggy Hartanto’s design work has even been used by world celebrities such as Allison Holker, Kathleen Robertson, Odette Annable, Giuliana Rancic, Chelsea Kane, Demi Lovato, and Sadie Calvano.

The latest global work from Peggy Hartanto recently appeared to be worn by actress Alyssa Milano during her latest serial promotions in the City of New York, United States.

Fashion designers who love science in 2019 will release their latest works by combining science and fashion. The fashion work with the theme “Mysterious World of Pandora”, the world of imagination by James Cameron in the Avatar movie, is the theme of the spring/summer 2019 collection from the clothing brand Peggy Hartanto. This collection is inspired by the variety of patterns and colors of the richness of the flora and fauna of the world of Pandora.