Profile Young Entrepreneurs Arief Widhiyasa CEO of Agate Studio

Profile Young Entrepreneurs Arief Widhiyasa CEO of Agate Studio

Young people can also be entrepreneurs. In the millennial era like this, the presumption of young people just playing may have been abandoned a lot, nowadays most Indonesian young people explore their potential and one of them is by way of business, and one Indonesian youngster who is currently a successful young entrepreneur Indonesia is Arief Widhiyasa CEO Agate Studio.

Agate Studio itself is a video game developer company from Indonesia based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The company was founded on April 1, 2009, by 18 people and one of them was Arief Widhiyasa.

“Live the Fun Way” that’s the motto used by Agate studio in making games. Through its first game, which was launched in September 2010, the puzzle game Earl Gray and this Rupert Guy hit the one million players hit in the first week of its release. In February 2011, their first social web-based game called Football Saga was launched and has 58,000 monthly active users and 10,000 daily active users. They also launched the world’s first game Near Field Communication and Augmented Reality with the title Smash Mania on Nokia phones.

From some of these games, Agate Studio began to get the name as one of the game developers in Indonesia.

It has been almost 8 years of the career now that Agate Study has skyrocketed with the various games it has produced. Already almost 400 games have been made with various types of games.

To continue developing its business, Arief Widhiyasa through Agate Studio collaborated with various parties, starting from partners to make games together, for example, Upin & Ipin game developer, then with Square Enix, google localization partner to distribute games to various markets, and exploration of development with Serious Games in Indonesia. In addition to working with many parties starting from the community, associations, government in developing the gaming industry in Indonesia.

Currently, the creative world of Indonesia continues to get serious attention from the government. This is indeed done to provide space for the younger generation through their work to produce a product that can be utilized by the community.