Profile of Successful Entrepreneur Feronia Wibowo Owner of Chatime

Profile of Successful Entrepreneur Feronia Wibowo Owner of Chatime

Feronia Wibowo is the successor to the Chatime beverage business, a fast-food beverage from Taiwan. As the holder of the responsibility of the Operations Director of PT Food Beverages Indonesia, he must be able to ensure that the fast-food beverage business of Chatime is able to compete with a variety of fast-food drinks that have started to appear in Indonesia.

In 2018, Chatime itself has almost hundreds of outlets and has thousands of employees spread across dozens of cities in Indonesia with monthly income that can reach billions of rupiah.

Chatime offers beverage products that are indeed quite different from others, using natural tea leaf concoctions so that the resulting taste is more sensational. According to Nia, Feronia Wibowo’s nickname, all processed tea uses brewing machines that are brewed every 4 hours so that the quality, aroma, and freshness are always maintained. Customers can also adjust the amount of ice and sugar in drinks according to taste.

The advantages of maximum tea yields are then combined with a variety of varied menus issued seasonally to satisfy the main consumers who target the market for ages 15-35 years.

To further introduce Chatime products and maintain relationships between sellers and customers, Nia is indeed routinely marketing Chatime through social media. Various activities, promos, and new menu variants are always posted and introduced through social media.

In addition, another way done by Feronia Wibowo, the owner of Chatime, is through a membership system that offers various benefits such as special discounts. According to Nia, currently, there are 800 thousand members in the membership program, SpecialTea Card. Chatime often holds promos with third parties such as banks, telecommunications operators, and electronic payment providers.