Dea Valencia Successful Young Entrepreneur Owned Batik Kultur

Dea Valencia Successful Young Entrepreneur Owned Batik Kultur

Now the young, successful assumption is commonplace for today’s young generation. Young people today are not only required to spend their youth to have fun but to be able to prepare for the future with what potential they have and can make it something that generates income.

One of the young entrepreneurs in Indonesia Dea Valencia who owns Batik Kultur is one example. Hundreds of millions of rupiah per month from the business he developed from the batik business indeed made this beautiful virgin born in Semarang, February 14, 1994, able to produce money purses without asking from parents.

Dea Valencia, an alumnus of Multimedia Nusantara University, began to get acquainted and jumped into the fashion business when she was 18 years old.

Starting from him who will buy his ideal batik shirt but cannot buy. Not being able to buy it doesn’t mean that you can’t have it. With this creative idea that belongs to a beautiful woman from Semarang, she made herself from the ingredients she had after searching in a pile of clothes.

Armed with imagination and ideas, Dea Valencia made a fashion product from batik cloth which turned out to have high selling value.

Starting from there, Dea Valencia began to see an opportunity to go into the fashion business and be able to produce coffers of money. Chosen by carrying the theme of batik “Batik Kultur” came to be one of Dea Valencia’s fashion business.

Initially, it was only a small scale of around 20 pieces of clothing. But now, after the business is increasingly known and crowded, no less than 1000 pieces of clothes must be done by Dea and her team to fulfill orders in one month. With product prices ranging from Rp. 250 thousand to Rp. 1.2 million per piece, Dea can earn up to Rp. 300 million per month, fantastic figures for businesses run by a fresh graduate.

Batik Kultur managed to go international, not only to capture the local Indonesian market, the product of Batik Kultur by Dea Valencia was able to enter and be of interest to the international market starting from the United States, Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Norway.

One of the keys to the success of Dea Valencia in developing the “Batik Culture” business so that it can be known in the international market is inseparable from the marketing strategy that uses marketing through E-Commerce marketing.