Student Business, Indications of a Good Entrepreneurial Climate

Student Business, Indications of a Good Entrepreneurial Climate

The business of students from day to day is growing rapidly, this is what happens among the students of this millennial era, even the new designation appears that is not business is not cool if you can make your own money why should you ask parents.

Businesses carried out by students vary greatly, from small ones such as selling pulses to large ones such as making boarding houses.

For students who are serious about doing business, it is advisable to start entrepreneurs from the small ones first. At this point it is because it is very important to form a mentality to become an entrepreneur first rather than pursuing profit. Creating this difficult mentality, a lot of definite pressure will be faced such as shame, ridicule of friends, even the lack of support from the family. If mentality has been formed, students will easily find any opportunities that form.

No less important is action, students who have a strong desire to do business will have more action than just theory and mere talk. If you want to succeed, students will want to try whatever the risks. Joining motivational seminars is sometimes necessary to encourage students to do business. The seminars focus more on mentality and learn entrepreneurial tips, while business knowledge will be found in the field. The more you try, the more experience you get.

Student business is usually run on its own, but if it is well developed it will work with friends to help develop the business. This is very good because it is impossible for one person to master all fields. Choose a business partner that fits the criteria to be able to work together. Accounting, management, marketing must be understood so that the business does not run in place.

Look for teachers who can give their views, motivations, and experiences. Do not stick to just one person, the more our teachers the more knowledge they will get. The most important and the main thing about business by students is not to be proud. No need to be embarrassed as long as the business being run is good and never give up by circumstances.

This entrepreneurial phenomenon among students is an interesting news, considering that Indonesia still lacks entrepreneurs. Ideally, the number of entrepreneurs must reach at least two percent of the total population. However, in reality the number of Indonesian entrepreneurs has only reached a percentage of 0.18 percent of the total population. Still far behind other countries. With the increasing interest in entrepreneurship among students it is hoped that it will increase the number of prospective new entrepreneurs as the spearhead of the nation’s economy in the future.