Aditya Rahman Success Thanks to Campus Tasks

Aditya Rahman Success Thanks to Campus Tasks

Success can indeed be anytime and anywhere. This is what Aditya Rahman experienced thanks to his campus assignments and he successfully developed the local bag business with the Niion brand.

Before starting his own business, this architect who graduated from Parahyangan University had worked in a Singaporean company, Charles & Keith and firm WOW Architects & Warner Wong Design. In 2012 he decided to resign to continue his bachelor’s degree at ITB.

At ITB, there are conditions for students to have a business, so that in 2013 together with three friends, Aditya said he was familiar with making business. He was interested in doing bag business because when he was in Singapore he often saw that on weekends many Singaporeans use simple bags when traveling.

May 2013 became the success of a man from Bandung because he successfully produced local bags with Niion bran.

This business began with a capital of Rp 20 million from the four joint ventures. About 80% of the capital is used for production needs, ranging from R & D, sampling, production costs, to photos. At the first time, Adit et al. immediately made five bag articles, each of which has five color variants.

The matter of raw materials, in fact at the beginning of Adit et al. choose to use raw materials that are all go green so that at that time a lot of wearing leftover fabric from large manufacturers (waste). It’s just that, along with the increasing demand, his party then buys rol-rolan materials. This Niion bag is sold at a price of Rp.100 thousand-300 thousand.

Now, in addition to promoting and selling online, Niion is also actively promoting by participating in several events or bazaars. Niion is now also sold offline, including in The Goods Dept., as well as in several outlets in Yogyakarta and Makassar. Sales have reached all of Indonesia. Most buyers are from Java and Sulawesi.

Now Niion has more than 15 employees, in the future Adit will continue to accelerate Niion’s expansion. Of the four friends currently only Adit and Rangga are left who continue to raise Niion. Adit manages more marketing, sales and financial aspects. As for Rangga, he handles the operations, including product design, because he has nine years of experience managing large brands that are used to managing brands systematically.