Success Story Lei Jun Founder of Xiaomi Smartphone Technology Company

Success Story Lei Jun Founder of Xiaomi Smartphone Technology Company

Xiaomi became one of the technology companies from China that was able to grow rapidly and get the title of the Asian Iphone.

As one of the newcomers to the smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi proved to be able to successfully compete with old manufacturers such as Samsung to the Iphone. The success of Xiaomi placed it as the 3rd largest smartphone company in the world.

The success behind Xiaomi cannot be separated from the man named Lei Jun, a graduate of Wuhan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering.

Having expertise and high concentration on technology has led Lei Jun to have a big dream of having a technology company like Steve Job’s role model.

The beginning of Lei Jun’s success in the world of technology began when he worked as a Kingsoft technician, a new software technology company founded in China. In addition, in 1988 he became chief executive, thanks to his role and achievements even Lei was appointed as CEO of Kingsoft.

In 2007, for health reasons, Lei Jun chose to resign as CEO of Kingsoft.

With health conditions that began to improve, Lei Jun felt there was still a dream that had come true, which is having a technology company. Armed with strong experience, knowledge and networks in 2010 Lei ventured to start establishing Xiaomi with 7 other co-founders. Armed with a fund of $ 41 million (Rp.553 billion).

With ambition and vision, presenting a high-quality smartphone device but still has a lower selling price than the prices of existing market smartphones such as Samung or Apple.

In 2011, Lei Jun announced Xiaomi’s first Smartphone at a price of $ 250. This phone has high specifications and does not compete with other Smartphone products. What’s interesting is that Lei Jun prefers to market the products he has by way of online marktering. Xiaomi gets 300 thousand pre-orders for the M1 type in just 34 hours.

In 2013, Xiaomi was valued at more than US $ 10 billion, equivalent to Lenovo, a technology company with 10x more employees established 26 years earlier. Not only that, in 2013 too, Xiaomi decided to expand the world by recruiting former Android Bosses and Google Executives Hugo Bara to encourage Xiaomi’s global expansion.

They started Global expansion from Hong Kong and India, then made Singapore the entrance to Southeast Asia. In 2016, Xiaomi announced that Smartphone sales in 2015 amounted to 70 million units, which is far from their expectations of targeting sales of 100 million units.

Thanks to the persistence and good marketing strategy, Xiaomi has now become one of the most famous smartphone technology companies in the world, even every year releasing new smartphone variants and other Xiaomi products.