Successful Young Businessman Nabila Samhana Bawazier Founder NSBWZ

Successful Young Businessman Nabila Samhana Bawazier Founder NSBWZ

Young businessman Nabilla  Samhana Bawazier sells shoe products that are given the NSBWZ bran (Nice Shoes Be Wonder Zhoe). At first the girl from Bogor who is often called Abil told her the need for shoes to decide to custom made and turn into a business of her own. Business starts from the age of 17 by selling on Instagram until now it is very well developed and has outlets in the city of Bogor.

the woman who was born December 16, 1994, admitted that she was very happy to run the business of her shoes until now.

The NSBWZ shoe business capital was originally 30 million, and Nabilla got the money from Father. After that, you can get a loan from the bank even though you don’t use the name Nabilla yourself, but use the name of the parent because he was not old enough at that time. The bank indeed supports this business. So for capital, young entrepreneurs are given convenience.

The name NSBWZ according to Nabilla was originally very narcissistic because it stands for Nabila’s real name. After understanding the business and realizing that the name NSBWZ is hard to call, Nabila changes the abbreviation to ‘Nice Shoes Be Wonder Zoe ‘. Had thought about wanting to change the name, but the name NSBWZ was already well known to the wider community. So Nabilla also set the name NSBWZ as before.

Nabilla chose the city of Bogor as its initial business place. Precisely at Jalan Lodaya I Bogor. The store opened in 2014. Previously from 2012, Nabilla made use of sales on social media. Now even though he already has a shop, he still opens the online too. Because at first NSBWZ was selling it online. Moreover, it cannot be denied that now many people are already comfortable with shopping online.

In Bogor there are indeed many shoe makers, but they always reason that they cannot make shoes “expensive”. They say Nabila shoes are expensive shoes. So because previously they worked in bulk, where the entrepreneurs only prioritized quantity, while Nabila wanted to highlight quality. So, initially it was difficult to find experts.

The other side seen by Nabilla Samhana Bawazier when opening a shoe business was when she realized that her efforts could also help others. He was very happy when he could employ many people in need. This also makes him keep on working spirit and hopes that his business can be wider so that the more people he helps.

Now, this successful woman can taste profits with a business that is growing very well. Every month Nabila is able to pocket around Rp. 60 million in income every month, and has her own shoe outlet.