Yolanda Santosa Graphic Designer from Indonesia Success in Los Angeles

Yolanda Santosa Graphic Designer from Indonesia Success in Los Angeles

Who says being a woman cannot be successful, especially if the job is a job that men do. This assumption was brushed aside by a woman named Yolanda Santosa who is currently a successful Graphic Designer in Los Angeles in the United States and makes Indonesia famous.

This woman born in Jakarta in February 1978 only lived a few years in Indonesia, then moved to Singapore and then moved with her family to the United States. Often called Yo, he began to pursue graphic design while majoring in motion graphic design and branding at the Art Center College of Design in the city of Los Angeles. After graduating from the university Yo was accepted at one of the big companies in America named yU + co. In this graphic design company, the name began to be known and trusted to handle Hollywood movies and TV series.

Some of the films and TV series that Yo has handled may have been one of your favorites, such as Desperate Housewive in 2004, Ugly Betty in 2006 and Triangle. It didn’t stop there, he also handled several films such as Hulk (2003), Herbie Fully Loaded (2006) and Zack Synders 300 (2007).

His work that cannot be underestimated made him win several awards namely the Webby Award Honoree and Graphic Design USA in the same year, which was 2006. He was also often nominated in the Emmy Award for the graphic design category.

Talent as a Graphic Designer has been passed down from generation to generation in the family of Yolanda Santosa. From grandfather to uncle, he was concentrated in the work of Graphic Designers like the uncle who worked as an architect, even though the grandfather worked in finance but was skilled in the art.

Had to get opposition from parents because of the interest that was felt from a financial perspective when it was low. The job as a graphic designer at that time was still underestimated. But with determination and hard work Yolanda Santosa proved to Indonesian families and communities that he could succeed and become one of the successful and go international female graphic designers from Indonesia.