Brothers and Sisters success Bussines online with zero capital

Brothers and Sisters success Bussines online with zero capital

Florentina Jeanne and Felicia Febry brothers and sisters are successful selling online with zero rupiah capital. These two women became Kartini figures in the modern era amid rapid technological developments, and they were proven capable of carrying out an opportunity to bring profit coffers.

Starting a business selling online becoming a reseller while still in college, now Flo and Felicia are able to open their own brand, which is named NoonaKu Signature to be able to penetrate the international market.

Why is the brand named NoonaKu Signature? according to the language itself said Noona which means daughter and Ku which means ownership of God. So, briefly NoonaKu Signature is the Lord’s Daughter. For this reason, when he founded the fashion business, Flo and Felicia firmly inserted social values. Clothing for sale at very affordable prices, with a range of under Rp 100,000 and why this business is also concerned about women’s fashion business.

“When we were in college, we felt that it was difficult to buy good clothes, so we wanted to bring clothes with high quality and up to date models, but at affordable prices. Can be reached by all walks of life,” Felicia said.

For marketing itself, Flo and Felicia introduce products and do marketing indeed through social media networks. It was only in the past few years that NoonaKu Signature sold fashion products through the Tokopedia marketplace.

From the online marketing strategy, their pilot business is growing rapidly. If the beginning of 30 clothes sold, now the clothes sold can even reach tens of thousands with turnover reaching Rp. 4.3 billion per year (data in 2016). After being successful as an online entrepreneur, the Noonaku Project is now developing its wings by establishing an outlet in the Tangerang area.