Man of IT Graduates Succeed in Doing Coffee Business

Man of IT Graduates Succeed in Doing Coffee Business

This man who graduated from IT succeeded in doing business with coffee to dozens of million, who is he? Yes, the man was named Achmad Fahmi.

Being a successful entrepreneur or entrepreneur doesn’t always have to start with a big capital. This was proven by Achmad Fahmi from Jakarta who was successful in the coffee business.

This man who graduated from an IT degree from a private university in the South Jakarta area is willing to give up his career in the workforce because he really wants to create a hangout for his friends but still earns income.

With an initial capital of IDR 15 million and utilizing an empty garage in front of his house, Achmad Fahmi started his business as a seller of various coffee drinks called Kedai Seruput, complete with carts and coffee makers.

His decision to become an entrepreneur was not wrong, because in terms of income every month he was not inferior to his income as a private employee.

“Any market can be created, provided we really seriously want to run the business,” Achmad said, revealing his recipe for success. And who would have thought, the business that had just begun since 2015 now has a turnover of up to tens of millions of rupiah per month?

“The turnover per month is now an average of IDR 12 million, even twice as much when compared to the workplace,” he said.

Running a business as a coffee maker makes it a new experience in his life. He also mentioned, the business opportunity for Indonesian coffee drinks is also still very wide open because it has many fans from various circles.

In carrying out his business, Achmad involved his relatives and friends. In fact, sometimes his friends volunteered to help him even though it was only limited to delivering cups in the form of his mixed drinks to coffee connoisseurs.

At Kedai Seruput, Achmad sells various kinds of drinks with coffee raw materials. Starting from pure coffee with various variants from Indonesia, to other drinks such as lemon tea, green tea, Thai tea, to Indomie boiled and fried potatoes.

Achmad further emphasized that the difference between coffee shops and other shops is that there are several facilities that can be enjoyed by buyers for free. Ranging from internet networks (wi-fi) to PlayStation 4 video games.