Successful Young Entrepreneur Kusdarmawan Aryo Baskoro Owner Distro in Solo

Successful Young Entrepreneur Kusdarmawan Aryo Baskoro Owner Distro in Solo

Young age does not mean that you cannot be successful. This is what happened to a successful facilitator named Kusdarmawan Aryo Baskoro, proving that at a young age of 28, he was able to earn a turnover of billions of rupiah a year from the distribution business he started in Solo.

Carrying the company name Rawn Divisions, all the brands produced by the man who is familiarly called Ryo are labeled as Rown. This name is short for Ryo Owner or can also be interpreted as a footprint or footprint.

 “My hope is that the business products that I build can go everywhere,” said the young man born in Surakarta, November 9, 1984, who is arguably a success in becoming a distro skipper in his city.

Ryo sells various fashion products as well as other distributions. For example, t-shirts, shirts, jeans, shoes, and various accessories, such as hats and stickers. He also brought Rown not only targeting young people but also the segment of children to the elderly.

 “But, we are more dominant aiming at the youth market,” said Ryo reported from

The distro business built by 28-year-old youth now has a business turnover of up to billions of rupiah. Within a month, Ryo is able to produce 3,000 to 4,000 shirts, 2,000 pairs of shoes, 3,000 pieces of jeans, and the most are around 25,000 pieces of shirts. Each design is only produced 30 pieces.

At present, Ryo does only have two outlets, namely in Karanganyar and Surakarta. However, he partnered with many distributions in several cities to supply their products. “My product has spread from Aceh to Papua,” said Ryo, who plans to open a branch in Pontianak because there are investors who are interested in cooperating.

In the past two years, the Rown brand has even entered the Malaysian and Singapore markets. Soon, the product will also be sent to Canada. “When it comes to turnover, it certainly sells fairly up to thousands of pieces with price ranges ranging from IDR 20,000 to IDR 800,000,” said the youngest of the two brothers. Fruit of Fadness Ryo’s business spirit has actually emerged since he was in grade III of elementary school. “I sell fried foods and nuts at school, all of them make it.