Profile of Successful Entrepreneurs Nisin Sunito Indonesian Farmers in Australia

Profile of Successful Entrepreneurs Nisin Sunito Indonesian Farmers in Australia

Nisin Sunito, an Indonesian businessman who successfully developed his business empire in Australia. Included in the list of 20 influential people in Australia made him, not an entrepreneur at random.

Nisin Sunito was born to a Chinese family who has a background as a successful basic food business in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. Together with his sibling, Iwan Sunito, Nisin Sunito then moved to Surabaya, East Java, to obtain better access to education.

After graduating from high school in Surabaya then Nisin Sunito and his brother Iwan Sunito continued their education in Australia precisely at the University of South Wales. UNSW majored in business according to passion.

Its work in the business world began when Nisin founded Oceanic Multitrading Pty Limited in 1992. Before entering the business world, he had worked as an employee in an Australian government office. Business success came to him when he bought a farm that was previously managed by local Australians.

Nisin Sunito bought a Kiana farm owned by a local businessman in 2005. The location of the farm itself is 1,132 km, in the southeast of Darwin City, Australia.

Kiana Farm itself has an area of 331. 800 hectares. The extent of this farm area is even equivalent to 4.8 times the size of Singapore. It is not wrong if Nisin Sunito was nicknamed as the king of cattle breeding business in Australia. The majority of the types of cattle developed in these places are Brahman and Droughmaster.

Not only raising his cattle farm business in Australia, but Nisin Sunito is also known to open his business unit in Indonesia. With the Oceanic Indonesia flag, the business branch is engaged in feedlot or cattle fattening. The location is spread in several places in Indonesia such as Lampung and Banten with a capacity of 10,000 to 15,000.

Born into a family of reliable businessmen, indeed the blood of business people is inherent in the soul of Nisin Sunito until he is now a successful entrepreneur with a monthly turnover reaching trillions.