Duet of Brothers Successfully Develop Maharis Clinic

Duet of Brothers Successfully Develop Maharis Clinic

Brothers and sisters, Dr. Kevin Maharis (33 years) and Dr. Ricky Fernando Maharis (29 years), is not only compact in choosing a profession, but also in business. Both are now successful in doing business in beauty clinics that carry the Maharis Group flag. Kevin acts as Medical Director and Co-founder of Maharis Clinic, while his younger brother, Ricky, plays behind the scenes by working more on R & D for skin care and marketing products.

The Maharis Clinic which was founded in 2012 was originally a private practice room which then continued to grow to become a beauty clinic with joint medical practice. The first Maharis clinic is located on Jl. Malabar, Setiabudi, South Jakarta. Then, the second clinic on Jl. Barito, Kebayoran Baru, Jak-Selatan.

Five years later, precisely November 2017, they developed their wings by opening a new clinic, called Votre Peau Skin Institute. This time choosing a location at Elite Mall, Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta. Votre Peau was taken from the name of the beauty product produced by the brothers three years earlier. “We make a product that is suitable for our patients. Me and dr. Ricky formulates products that are suitable for the Southeast Asian climate. Starting from there, it develops into serum vitamin C, sunblock, makeup cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, and so on. We import some raw materials, but they are made in domestic factories, “Kevin explained.

Votre Peau products that were originally made specifically for their patients then developed and sold retail at Galeries Lafayette, Plaza Indonesia, and Aeon Mall. “But from there, we realized that just using skincare products is not enough, so we opened the Votre Peau Skin Institute to provide treatments to overcome deeper problems,” Kevin said.

Indeed, Maharis Clinic and Votre Peau Skin Institute are two different entities. Maharis Clinic focuses on more complex treatments with more detailed aesthetic cases with top-class services with a target market targeting A and A + socio-economic status. While Votre Peau Skin Institute targets the middle segment at a more affordable price, for beginners and college students.

In terms of service, Maharis also does not do surgery or categorizes himself as a minimally invasive treatment. Thus, when the patient has finished visiting (doing treatment) at the Maharis clinic, his face will immediately look good without the need for downtime like a facelift that takes up to 1-2 months. “We do not provide one treatment fits all, but customized treatment. Because, good care for patient A is not necessarily good for patient B. So, personalized service and good aesthetic eyes are the things that distinguish us from other aesthetic clinics, “Kevin said.

The treatments offered by Maharis include neuromodulators, ultherapy that use ultrasound energy to tighten the face without the need for surgery, filler injections & botox, coolculosis, laser & lights, and customized skincare products. “The price range offered for Votre Peau starts from hundreds of thousands to IDR 5 million. While the treatment at the Maharis ranges from IDR 5 million to 50 million, depending on the complexity, “said the graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia and the Bachelor of Dermatology at Cardiff University, England.

At Maharis the number of patients is limited to 10-15 people per day or in a month as many as 250-300 patients. This is done to provide maximum service. As for Votre Peau, there are 100-150 patients per month.

To increase the number of clinic visitors, according to Kevin, he has a strategy by working on various relevant communities, namely those who have attention to skin care. “We educate these forums. From there they use our products and provide reviews, “said the member of the certification of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and the Indonesian Aesthetic Doctors Association.