Success Story of Rudy J Persik Introducing “Kedai Kopi Kamu”

Success Story of Rudy J Persik Introducing “Kedai Kopi Kamu”

For those of you who like coffee, you may be familiar with this one coffee shop “Your Coffee Shop”. Kedai Kopi Kamu was founded by an easy child named Rudy J Persik who successfully developed your Kedai Kopi until now it has successfully opened your 4,000 Coffee Shops in almost 32 countries with Indonesian coffee specialties.

The founder of Rudy J’s Caraka Group managed to prove that the taste of coffee from Indonesia deserves to be recognized as one of the best coffees in the world.

The quality of coffee that is very good from Indonesian soil is what according to Rudy, making your Kopi tavern business grow rapidly to 4,000 outlets worldwide, most of them in Asia.

Kedai Kopi You open a standby presenting various types of coffee that have been packed by Rudy’s company. Almost all types of native Indonesian arabica coffee are available, starting from Mandhailing, Toraja, Lintong, Sidikalang, to Papuan coffee which he began to introduce to the world.

Rudy admitted that he often participated in exhibitions abroad than in Indonesia. The welcome of the outside community is extraordinary because most of the international community already knows about the quality of Indonesian coffee.

Behind his success in the coffee business, Rudy actually still has its own anxiety. As a coffee exporter, on the one hand, Indonesia benefits.

Unfortunately, said Rudy, exports in the form of coffee beans are not very profitable because they are cheaply priced. After being processed abroad, some of the coffee is sold again in Indonesia.

By selling coffee that has been processed, he said, we can get a much higher profit.

In Turkey, said CEO of DHL Express, the price of coffee at Kedai Kopi You is more expensive than other places that make people there wonder. However, finally, they realized that indeed coffee from Indonesia was the best and the quality was very directly proportional to the price given.