Looking for Profits from the Sports Clothing Business

Looking for Profits from the Sports Clothing Business

Rizki Adventus successfully became a successful sports apparel businessman when he was still young with the Sports Apparel brand PT MSI Working Totality with a monthly turnover of IDR 250 million to IDR 300 million.

There is no blood of entrepreneurs from both parents or siblings that does not prevent Rizki from succeeding in pursuing the business being built.

Carrying the Sports Sports brand clothing business, it could not be separated from his hobby, which likes to play basketball.

The introduction of this man who was born in Jakarta with the trading world began when he joined basketball extracurricular activities. “My coach offered to join MLM. The product is a health bracelet, “said Rizki, who was still in the second grade of junior high school.

But, Rizki doesn’t play games. He is really serious in trading. Not surprisingly, he managed to sell 42 health bracelet products in a month that took him into the ranks of the top seller.

In addition to a health bracelet, graduates of the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta, trade products from other MLM companies. Initially, Rizki offered the product to his friends. Then, he marketed it through the Kaskus online discussion forum.

Seeing the potential of the business that surrounds them, each time the basketball team changes their costume. From there Rizki thought to make it a business. Starting to leave the world of MLM and focus on working on Rizki’s business when he entered high school.

It didn’t take long for the mind to be in Rizki’s head, then Rizki looked for vendors to want to be with his own brand Motion Sports Indonesia to produce sportswear. It didn’t take long, finally, the man who was still in high school found the vendor.

Slow but surely the business is growing. The customer continues to grow. Initially, Rizki cooperated with many vendors to fulfill incoming orders. But finally, in 2012 he decided to collaborate with just one vendor.

Had experienced a difficult period in 2014-2015 due to the lack of orders that made Rizki had shaken his head and tried to find the source of the problem what actually happened in the business.

It turned out that Rizki realized that there were several business decisions that he felt were not fruitful towards the impact of his business. Starting from that, Rizki began to be selective in making business decisions.

Until finally one year in 2016 the business began to grow rapidly and became known to the Indonesian people.

Besides basketball, Motion manufactures futsal apparel. They also received the manufacture of sports clothing in the form of hoodies, t-shirts, and socks. Other productions: basketball jersey, futsal, floorball, and volleyball. In fact, sports clothing shoots.

This year, Rizki plans to enter football sports clothing. Then, increase production. “Now, a month produces around 2,000 pairs of clothes and pants. The production target can rise by 50%, to 3,000