Success Story Rusdi Ahmad Baamir Batik Entrepreneur From Indonesia

Success Story Rusdi Ahmad Baamir Batik Entrepreneur From Indonesia

Batik has become one of the leading market commodities from Indonesia, determined by UNESCO batik as a world heritage makes the value of batik increasingly high and increasingly known to the international community. The impact of the batik business has skyrocketed and can be said to have experienced a heyday, and this is what Rusdi Ahmad Baamir feels has been successful in running the batik business and becoming one of the successful batik entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

Thanks to his enthusiasm, Rusdi currently has 11 batik shops in the Tanahabang trade center, supplying batik in 38 Ramayana Department Store outlets, and has two batik workshops in Pekalongan, Central Java.

The success of being one of the successful batik entrepreneurs in Indonesia is not like turning your palm. It takes struggle and effort to develop a business starting from zero and even with minimal capital.

Had to undergo the bitter life of his employee and chose to resign from the company and try to do a shoe business that had been undertaken by Rusdi Ahmad Baamir before pursuing the batik business.

Starting in 2000, he took his brother to Solo then Rusdi saw a pile of batik cloth in a shop. Then Rusdi bought it at a low price because the fabric had long been in stock.

After getting the cloth, armed with his knowledge of selling batik at Surabaya Turi Market, Rusdi then distanced batik and made various types of batik clothing models.

His efforts were not in vain, batik produced by Rusdi was selling well and was liked by consumers because the price was cheap but had good quality.

Walking almost a year of success began approaching Rusdi who is currently a successful batik entrepreneur in Indonesia. The monthly turnover of selling batik can pocket IDR 40 million. Figures previously not imagined by Rusdi.

Unexpectedly, his efforts were stretching. In 2006, he opened another batik factory in Pekalongan. In 2007, he opened a store in Tanahabang with the batik Salsa brand.

At present, the turnover of one Salsa batik outlet in Tanahabang reaches IDR 100 million per month. The number of employees has reached 300 people. In fact, since 2009, he supplied batik to Ramayana Department Store outlets.