Profile of Successful Entrepreneurs Yohanes Auri A Graphic Design Business

Profile of Successful Entrepreneurs Yohanes Auri A Graphic Design Business

No need to wait for old to be successful. This is evidenced by Yohanes Auri, a successful young entrepreneur engaged in the graphic design business with a turnover of billions of rupiah per month.

Having a basic education in the visual communication design department at one of the private universities in Jakarta has indeed made John Auri practically trained with his passion in the design sector.

Various projects related to the design field such as logo design, brochure and company profile he worked diligently. Not only on campus, but Auri is also diligent in contacting companies to find job design. At that time, Auri tried to work on many jobs in the hope that he could collect a lot of portfolios.

Armed with seeing opportunities and combined with his passion for design, Yohanes Auri ventured to establish Flux Design ( as his design service company brand.

The initial success of Auri’s Flux Design does not necessarily come from a fantastic value project. He had time to make a free magazine that was distributed in the church. One of the church members was then interested in the design of the magazine made by Auri. The congregation is one of the administrators of the Certificate of Wealth Manager Association (CWMA). Through the intercession of the congregation, Auri finally managed to get a project to make invitation designs and graduation books. That was Auri’s first big project with a turnover worth IDR 20 million.

As of 2008, Yohanes Auri held concurrent positions as a courier, marketing team, finance department, and designer. Auri’s persistence finally began to produce sweet results.

Projects originating from large companies were also successfully obtained. In 2010, Auri participated in the Mandiri Young Entrepreneur (WMM) event in the field of creative business. In the event, Auri gets the opportunity to learn to develop business more creatively and professionally by participating in exhibitions, seminars, and training.

Now along with the development of its increasingly burdensome business, Auri moved the location of her office to a three-storey shophouse in the West Jakarta office area. Not only focusing on Flux Design, but Auri also opened a digital printing business called is expected to synergize with Flux Design so that the cost of design printing can be more affordable and capital turnover will be faster.

Now the service brand Flux Design with the web address is one of the best providers of graphic design in Indonesia and is already well known to foreign countries.