Success Story Agung Nugroho Develop Simply Fresh Laundry

Success Story Agung Nugroho Develop Simply Fresh Laundry

Success in developing a business at a young age and having abundant income is a dream for everyone. This is what Agung Nugroho Susanto, SH, who was successful at a young age, developed a laundry or laundry business with the name Simply Fresh Laundry.

Agung Nugroho, who is a graduate of the Law Degree UGM, already has a business soul since he entered university. Carrying out the clothing & distribution business has been undertaken when he was in semester 4.

While running the Agung distro & clothing business, he also re-opened his business with his friend, opening a cellphone counter business in one of the malls in Yogyakarta.

The twists and turns of the business world make men who are called Agung begin to feel that the two businesses he lives with his friends are starting to be quiet and not long after the two businesses end.

But Agung did not want to give up even though the business that had previously failed he thought that the knowledge of the previous business was very useful and could be applied as a lesson for doing business next.

Not needing a long time to open a business next, Agung saw the potential of the laundry business in Yogyakarta that was so great. Do not want to waste the potential, Agung then ventured to open a laundry business with very limited capital.

Carrying the name of his laundry business with Simply Fresh Laundry, this is the business brand that will bring Agung to explore the new business world.

Simply Fresh Laundry is one of the laundry brands in Yogyakarta that offers one-day express laundry services with shuttle services. The Simply Fresh Laundry laundry business turned out to be well received by consumers, this is because a suitable market in Yogyakarta with a student base makes this laundering business well received by consumers.

Simply Fresh Laundry made Agung’s start to success, this was proven in the first year alone managed to open 30 outlets.

Currently, the success and name of Simply Fresh Laundry have delivered Agung Nugroho Susanto to become a successful entrepreneur with more than 120 outlets with more than 250 agents spread across cities in Indonesia with a franchise system.

Another thing that Agung wants to achieve and still strives for is that he wants the Simply Fresh Laundry laundry business to go international and open branches in other countries.