Successful Entrepreneur Anton Sudjana Business Concept Food Truck

Successful Entrepreneur Anton Sudjana Business Concept Food Truck

Doing business with the concept of Food Truck indeed starts in the Indonesian community. Being a new concept that is considered more capable of attracting consumers and if seen from the cost is indeed more efficient if you use Food Truck instead of having to rent a shop to sell, this concept is used by Anton Sudjana culinary entrepreneur using the concept of Food Truck.

In recent years food trucks have begun to develop in major cities in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Capitalizing on vehicles like trucks, minivans or minibusses, these culinary entrepreneurs can open outlets anywhere. A unique and trendy appearance makes people interested in this traveling culinary quite high. No wonder this concept becomes a new business opportunity in Indonesia.

Usually Food Truck has a food menu with western menus such as hamburger, hot dog or spaghetti. This time it’s different from Anton Sudjana who presents a menu of a flavor of the archipelago in his Food Truck and that’s where the Food Truck is named Local Spice.

The mainstay of this culinary truck includes the Spicy Iga Rice, Spicy Cakalang, Spiced Chicken, and Spice Sate, which in terms of the Indonesian tongue can be well received.

The beginning of opening a Local Spice Food Truck business is indeed not as easy as imagined with a capital of IDR 70 million Anton must work hard to introduce his Food Truck to be known by the public and culinary lovers.

But falling up starting a business can be passed by Anton at the beginning of opening this business, then after two years the Local Spice Food Truck business developed and began to be known by many people even in two years there were already two food trucks owned by Anton. One food truck specifically for selling Bakmi Rempah which serves special spices, bakmi iga, and bakmi ayam bakso.

Furthermore, Anton intends to expand his business by adding a fleet of food trucks. “With the benefits that I can get now, I want to add it to 3 units which will be intended for western cuisine,” he said.

Anton also plans to build a place to eat (resto/cafe) with the feel of a food truck for future business development in the food truck business.